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Ericson Mint Loves the Planet!


Flat Rate Shipping

A $5.50 S&H charge is added to all orders under $500.


We use recycled boxes or mailers for the majority of our shipments - our brown mailers are padded with shredded newsprint so the full package can be processed with you paper recycling!

Our inner packaging is typically re-used bubble wrap, packing paper, newsprint, or plastic grocery bags.

Shipping Labels

Our brown shipping labels are made from recycled material and can be recycled again - just leave them stuck to the mailer or box!

Packing Tape

Ewww it's yellow!  

No worries, it's supposed to be that way!  Our packing tape is 100% plant based and biodegradable.  Less plastic staying in our landfills!


We save paper by not including printed invoices in our packages unless the customer requests them prior to shipment.  Customers will receive order summaries via email with their order details.     


A Splash of Color

We include flower seeds in our orders - cheap and easy fun! 

Thank You Letter

The thank you letter included in our packages is printed on paper hand-made in Nepal.  More information on the manufacturing process for this paper is printed on the back of the letter.

Tracking Numbers

We ship most of our packages through the United States Postal Service and you can check the status of your tracking number with the following link.  If you haven't received a tracking number and you'd like one, just send us an email! 

International Shipping

International orders may incur additional fees.  Please contact us prior to placing an order if you require that order to be shipped internationally.  We reserve the right to cancel international orders that are placed without consulting us for a quote first.  

Risk of Loss

Each order placed here is a “Place of Shipment” sales contract. The risk of loss passes to the buyer at the time when the shipping service used obtains possession of the package. We ship our packages professionally and securely, however, in the event that a package does not make it to its destination at the fault of the carrier, the loss is solely the buyer’s responsibility. Any refunds, partial or complete, are to be made at the discretion of Ericson Mint, LLC,. Very large orders, or special shipping requests should be discussed prior to payment in order to keep things clear. Registered mail is an option that may be utilized for very valuable orders. Signature confirmation may be required for more valuable orders.